Mommy Confessions

Tonight was girls night with sons of the girls from work. We went to happy hour and ate and drank. 

It was great. It’s so weird comparing what girls night looked like prior to having a child. Going to bars at 10,11,11,1 was normal. Tonight we went out at four.  Perfect timing for me now, old me would be sleeping getting ready to leave 6 hrs later. 

But tonight our girls night ended at 6 and I decided to go get my nails done instead of going home. It was so worth it. That’s my confession. I should of went home but I just needed some time.  I know it seems so little but H has been sick this week so I haven’t barely been to the gym let alone run errands. 

Why is this so scandalous? Husband had been with her all day yesterday and now a few hours today. It was slightly selfish. But I don’t take it back. I needed me time to take care of me. 

Do you ever have to sneak away to have time to yourself ?! 


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