To Hunter Boot or To Not

I don’t know about you but I recently have become fascinated with Hunter Boots. I played a game as I was wondering throught the Denver airport aimlessly and counted all the girls wearing them. 17! And that was just the ones that I decided to count. 

Have you heard of them ? 

Recently in my town, it’s snowed like every single day. And not just a little. Being from the east coast where they plowed roads and we thought they were bad, had never come to Washington state and saw how they plow their roads – because they don’t. Like at all! This has continued to be mind blowing to me. 

At least in New York, a few days after it snowed I could wear flats again or high heels outside and not feel like I might die from slipping. 

Not here. I cannot wear flats outside because not every parking lot is plowed and especially my school , where I have to go everyday. I absolutely cannot wear my heeled boots because I will fall in the parking lot. 

I have been sentenced to wearing rain boots to and from everywhere I go and keep my shoe closet now in my closet in my classroom. I have two pairs of flats and my heeled boots in there. And this will have to continue until ….. I don’t know … Probably march ?! 

I like my rain boots but they are red plaid and they don’t go with everything. Especially they look super tacky with my colored and patterned workout pants. Ugh! 

So therefore I come to my conclusion.  Hunter boots, these black shiny ones in particular, are on sale from 150 to 104$ and I feel like that is just calling my name ! 

Hunter boots ?


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