Goodbye 2016, Welcome the New Year


Every year I make goals for myself because that is what everyone else does. I try very hard to stick to them but if I had to look back to last years’s goals, which I have no idea where I wrote them, maybe facebook, but I know I did not meet every single one of them.

Have you noticed that your goals in life prior to children were incredibly different than after becoming a parent? Some of my goals in life prior to children were traveling, going to concerts, drinking as much as I could, etc. My goals last year were running marathons, reading books, working out a lot …… could not have been any more different! 

But with the new year approaching, its time to set some new goals to strive for. How does one come up with goals for themselves, that are accountable or achievable? It’s so difficult besides just hoping, to actually achieve personal goals, especially when they involve other things – like traveling or paying off debt. It’s not just my money, it’s my family money, so not always can I say I want to travel and just go for it.

This year, some of the things I would like to work on and hopefully accomplish:

  1. Work on my marriage.
  2. Continue to read as many books as this year.
  3. Workout 3x a week every week regardless of how busy I am.
  4. Make one other good friend.
  5. Blog double the amount I did this year.
  6. Complete and pass my national boards.
  7. Get some traveling in.
  8. Successfully grow and maintain my garden.
  9. Go hiking at least 5x
  10. Start writing my book.
  11. Get pregnant in October * EEK


In the comments, list one goal of yours for 2017!


Have a happy and healthy new year friends.




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