6 Extraordinary Ideas to Decorate Your Bathroom Ceiling

Bathroom ceilings don’t have to be ugly and monotonous. Modern bathrooms can serve many different purposes for you. You can enhance the visual appeal of your interior by adding different characters to the ceiling.  There is a myriad of materials you can use to build your bathroom’s ceiling such as tin tiles, plaster boards, suspended or coffered ceiling and even particle boards. All these materials have their benefits and features. Similarly, you can decorate them according to their design and nature, giving a bit of individuality to your bathroom.


Following are some of the most inspiring, beautiful and popular bathroom ceiling design ideas.


Contemporary Bathroom Ceilings:

Modern bathroom ceilings have garnered immense popularity in recent years. You can do many different things to complement the unique environment created by the modern ceilings. For instance, hanging a beautiful chandelier or other light fixtures will help you create a scintillatingly beautiful bathroom. Most of the bathrooms are small, but it should never curb your creativity. Modern or contemporary ceilings can help you create a unique atmosphere and magnificent place to relax.



by Cushman Design Group


Tray Ceilings

You can do a lot of things to your bathroom ceiling rather than to keep it white and plain. It is an excellent idea to add modern tray ceilings to your bathroom.  A tray ceiling can act as a fabulous architecture feature for your bathroom. Again, you can hang chandeliers to enhance the beauty further. A tray ceiling can also become a great platform for you to create spectacular lighting designs.




by H&A Design Inc.


Painted Ceilings:

More and more homeowners are painting their bathroom ceilings in different colors and to good effect. As a matter of fact, painted bathroom ceilings are making a grand comeback after staying in oblivion for years. It is rather unwise to rule this marvelous ceiling design idea out. A painted ceiling offers you an excellent opportunity to create a dramatic effect, a visual contrast or to add a visually appealing accent color. You can also add a fresh perspective to your bathroom by using bright paint colors for the ceilings. Most importantly, a painted ceiling can make a small bathroom look bigger and spacious.




by KUBE architecture


Bathroom Ceilings with Tiles:

You can also use tiles to build some fascinating bathroom ceilings. People have been using tiles for decades to get eye-catching bathroom ceiling designs and patterns. Nowadays, many different types of tiles are available in the market. Therefore, you don’t have to use mosaic or glass tiles if you don’t like them. Some of these tiles include tin tiles, wooden tiles and metal tiles, etc. All these tiles have the ability to add special ambiance and drama to the ceiling. They also help you conceal all types of blemishes usually found on bathroom ceilings.




by Gregory Phillips Architects


False Ceilings:

A false ceiling for bathrooms is relatively a new but an incredible home décor idea. In most cases, lightweight materials such as plaster of Paris and plasterboard are used to build the false ceiling. It is also a way to go if you have imperfections on your ceilings. Similarly, they can also work wonders for an uneven bathroom ceiling. Plaster of Paris ceilings can add some real drama and character to the ceiling, also helping you to create creative and flexible designs.




by Wright-Built


Stretch Ceilings:

One of the most visually appealing and fabulous bathroom ceilings is the stretch ceilings. They are not only pleasing to eyes but very practical as well. However, they are costlier than most other types of bathroom ceilings. Despite their cost, they are a much better option than drywalls. They are available in many colors and 3D designs. They are relatively easier and quicker to install as well. They make your bathroom more beautiful and elegant and complement all the modern bathroom ceilings.


The bathroom is an important part of your house. You spend a considerable amount of time every day in the bathroom. Therefore, it is important for you to decorate it properly and customize it whichever way fits your family best!






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