SOL: Holiday Door Decorating at School

Every year we always have a wonderful time decorating for the holidays and what we can and can’t put up and who has the best bulletin board.  

Being at my school now, we have taken the door decorating to a whole new level and done hallway decorating. Little to no learning goes on this week before break because we are decorating hallways. Most people would shame us for this but the kids need it. For the next two weeks, most of them will be sitting home doing nothing, talking to no one, and maybe not having food since they only eat at school. Letting them have some fun and see healthy completion always allows for fun. 

In the public school in New York we were not allowed to decorate. Just neutral decorations but only on a bulletin board. 

Did you decorate ? are you able to ?

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4 thoughts on “SOL: Holiday Door Decorating at School

  1. No decorating here. The primary hallway has a few touches, but we are busy learning right up til two hours before the end. Tomorrow is our ‘Friday’ and the last day before vacation. They are doing final touches to a writing piece to publish as well as some reading and a bit of math (plus they have Arabic). In the afternoon we ‘push’ play and divide the grades up into groups that rotate through various teachers’ stations with fun, active games. 3 o’clock they get on the busses, we change our calendars to January, and hit the road.


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