Confessions from a Fitbit-aholic 

Hi my name is Jen and I have a problem. 
I am obsessed with my Fitbit. I can’t stop. Everything I do needs to be recorded by the Fitbit. 

My friend at work gave me her extra one and I am seriously obsessed. Like how did I live life prior to this ?!?!?

It gives everyday a whole new meaning. I feel like I accomplish more. It makes me want to move. 

I almost feel like I can’t be walking without it on because every step counts! 

And I literally got it last week. 

I guess it’s a healthy obsession…. because it forces me to want to work out and go run on the treadmill when I normally wouldn’t. 

Anyone else share this obsession ?!


4 thoughts on “Confessions from a Fitbit-aholic 

  1. I hear you! I misplaced my charger the one day and I had a flat battery. I knew I had to exercise but I struggled to because it felt pointless! I also had planned to walk to the mall later that day, but didn’t, felt like my whole day was ruined :p Thankfully, my husband found the charger behind the bed! :p A place I never even thought to look :p


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