SOL: Changing the Mindset


Always in life, there are times when it will not always be about you and how good you are at something. Not always in life will you always get along with everyone and agree on the same things. Not always in life will friendships and making friends come easy.

I know this first hand.

After moving away from all of the friends I have known my whole life, I never realized how hard it was to actually make friends in a new setting. Going to college closer to home, it seemed like it wasn’t that hard because there were other people who were new there too, so all the newbies stuck together.

When you move as an adult, it is almost harder to make friends than in high school or college! Which is crazy I know, but it is facts.

I have not always been the nicest person but I must say that I make mistakes from time to time and sometimes I want to be in charge, and I want to be the leader and sometimes I need to just back down.

I have realized that this year and I know that I need to work more as a team player than trying to be the leader. I don’t know what became of me and why I was acting like that.

Maybe because last year I was not in any position to be a leader and it was degrading? I don’t know.

But whatever it was, I really need to get a grip and it started last week. I hope I can keep with it because I was being really unfair.


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16 thoughts on “SOL: Changing the Mindset

  1. Sounds like you are learning some really important things about yourself! And I agree with the commenter who told you not to be too hard on yourself. It’s hard to be in a new place, with all new people. Good luck with the new you!


  2. I found this too. 6 years ago I moved to the other side of the country, leaving all my friends and family behind. It also doesn’t help that I am quite shy. I just clam up around new people, which sucked, because they were all new aside from my husband :p But I have really tried to get out of my shell, and I made some friends at church, but I still struggle everywhere else, and at work, I am fine, but the moment we do a work social event or something, I get super awkward X_X


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