Daily Prompts – day two 

Something someone said about me that I’ll never forget. Hmm that is tough.


My first year of teaching was at a Charter School in the south Bronx. I was a minority there and 99% of my students were African American. I taught 5th grade with an amazing, amazing team. And then I also start the year pregnant knowing that I would not finish out the year.

Ha! What a crazy year that was! I had never taught in the Bronx before so I was surely surprised and shocked to find out how different it really was. I had a lot of hard students, mostly who didn’t listen to me at all, and refused to do work or fought with me on doing work, but right now I can say I loved those classes the most in my whole teaching career. I still keep in contact with some of those students! They are amazing!

My hardest student sent me this writing piece that she did in 7th grade for me. It was quite amazing that she wrote about me still, and it had been 2 years, and that I was able to make such an impact on someone.

This was the best thing that I have ever had someone say about me. I will never forget this student.

And that is why I never quit teaching – after all the hard students – it’s the impact that you have on just those few.


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