Sea salt and Honey Boutique

I was searching for boots online and found these amazing ones! There is a cute boutique called Seasalt and Honey that I found and these boots weren’t too expensive either. $49 plus a first time buyer can get 10% off with the sign up of a newsletter. 
Excellent deal. 

I thought it was going to take a long time for them to arrive but it was about 4 days and I didn’t pay for the extra quick shipping. 

I am always iffy about buying clothes or shoes online but this store was an excellent choice to start with ! I am also a sucker for cute websites and that they have. 


5 thoughts on “Sea salt and Honey Boutique

  1. I’m a little upset as I have been trying to get a hold of someone sense Christmas I had to finally send a letter to you I bought a paisley hoody sweater for my granddaughter it doesn’t fit and needed to send it back I asked what to do as I didn’t hear from anyone finally got a response that I can send it back but I would loose25% are you kidding me when this was a Christmas gift and it took weeks to get back to me we will never buy anything again from you


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