Potty Training 

We have been potty training for a week now, like full blown. The only time that she has worn diapers this week has been during nap time and at night to sleep. The first day with underwear she peed herself 4x but at the same time we had people over and she didn’t want to stop playing to go to the potty. 

This past week, the first two days she didn’t poop. Finally she held it in and she told me she needed to go. After that , she was fine with the potty. 

At daycare, first they told me she needed to be dry in diapers for a week before she could be in underwear there. That is the worst plan I’ve ever heard. I would be potty training for 3 months. They finally agreed to train her in underwear and not pull ups so she’s been doing well. 

I noticed that we have to be consistent. If we put her in diapers in one day, and then not the next, it throws her off. 

We chose to skip over pull ups because it’s almost more confusing for her because it’s like a diaper. We are using the padded underwear and then regular underwear as well. 

It’s so crazy. I thought she wouldn’t be able to do it but in reality it was more me who was going to have a hard time doing it!  She’s done just fine ! 


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