SOL: The Love Process

There’s high school love and there’s college love and then there is marriage love.

All of those loves are similar and you expect each of them to get the end result that you will marry. 

And then it falls apart and you start all over again.  What a vicious and crazy learning process. 

Looking back on the past loves, you think to yourself, what was I thinking ? I had no idea what love was. That was infatuation.  

I’ll always remember the high school , feel like I’m going to die, life will end if you leave me love. 

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you ever ended up with one of those loves along the way ? What life would have been like? 

I don’t regret anything or wish that something happened differently I just look back and wonder things. Like why did I think that guy was so amazing! Ha ha 

I love my husband but never did I think I would end up with someone like him. I always thought it would be some guy with long hair and baggy clothes that worked at a coffee shop or we lived in a beach in a bungalow. But that was not the twist my life took and I am glad for it !

It’s just funny to see what you pictured your life as and how it really turned out and how different/similar it is. Especially with love. 

It just goes with the old saying… everything happens for a reason. 
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6 thoughts on “SOL: The Love Process

  1. As we age and mature our perspectives change and we often wonder what we saw in so-and-so in the first place,However, when in our teens it is hard to imagine life without that person.


  2. My husband was also not someone I thought I would end up with, I was always into somewhat scruffy, very casual guys :p My husband was so neat, almost metrosexual, he reminded me of a model :p I felt very lucky 😀 He is an amazing man, and yes, I don’t think things would have gone nearly as well with some of my old boyfriends :p My man no longer looks all suave, he is more of a jeans and t-shirts guy now with stubble, which suits me fine, and he has a heart of gold. I am truly blessed 🙂


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