SOL: Why Fitness Now?

Prior to having a baby, I did not work out. I didn’t have time because I was too busy drinking at a bar or going out with my friends. I was too busy working late and then getting up early to student teach. Or too busy going to college and being a college student.  

Our idea of going to the gym was talking to people in the gym and standing around. It just never appealed to me and I was never really in need of it and I used it for straight weight loss and it was easy since I was young. If I wanted to lose weight, just don’t eat, smoke a lot of cigarettes and go to the gym and run. 


Welcome to post baby!

Not so simple. 

And now that I don’t smoke anymore, seriously not simple. 

Then I found out about fitness classes because me just going to the gym was like the bare minimum of effort. 

Fitness classes helped me lose the rest of my baby weight and then look even better than before !! 

Now that I had a child, my bad lifestyle was not going to work out anymore. I needed a change. 

Fast forward to moving across the country. 

Why fitness?  Well. It keeps me going after school. It gives me a hobby. It makes me feel good about myself. I could make friends (maybe one day). It makes me happy. It replaces my loneliness of not having friends or family around. 

It makes me closer to my husband. We run/walk races together! 

Can you answer, why fitness now ?

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7 thoughts on “SOL: Why Fitness Now?

  1. A wonderfully inspirational post! Why fitness now? For me, it’s to stave off potential health issues, not to mention stress. Due to having a mild high blood pressure condition, I need to be even more diligent and conscientious re: exercise.


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