SOL: Kids vs. No Kids



My life with and without kids was a huge, drastic change. When I look back on it, I don’t know how I survived life as a normal person without the structure in my life that i have now!

My life consisted of drinking, smoking, eating like crap, going to sleep whenever, working at bars, student teaching, getting my master’s and hanging out with whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I had no cares in the world.

I didn’t save money, I bought whatever I wanted, I chose my life based on other people and I didn’t have my priorities right. I tried to travel as much as possible and I wasn’t very nice. I worked like 9 jobs at a time and I was never, ever home.

I lived in Yonkers in New York and my life was definitely that of a single, New Yorker.

Until I met my husband… and then life changed. Like I could say 360 degress times 1000000!

Life went from all over the place to organized and structured. I had just finished my master’s and I finally got a job in a school and then I was pregnant. Life changed drastically within a few months. Almost more than I could handle – but I had to make it work.

Now life is structured, prepared, ready. I work hard, I work out, I take care of everyone, I have a schedule, I make time for what is important, my life is full.

I don’t do much of what I used to do before kids, but I am totally okay with it. I never thought I would be okay with having what others might call a boring life, but I absolutely love it and I would not take it back or change it, ever.

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