Back to School 

This year I’m teaching 3rd grade and it’s the first time I haven’t had to share my class. 

So far, day two, they are quite amazing in comparison to the past 3 years. They listen, they’re little, they love 3rd grade, and they’re excited to learn! Like, what?! Am I in the twilight zone ?!

I hope everyone had a good first week and good luck to those of you who start next week! 

A little #tbt!!

My classroom last year 6th grade Washington 

And my 5th grade NYC public school the year before:


4 thoughts on “Back to School 

  1. I enjoyed the photo retrospective of your classrooms – past and present. And, I am pleased to read you are enjoying your third graders. And, isn’t it wonderful not to have to share a classroom? A little slice of heaven. 🙂


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