Relationship with your Parents

My mom leaves tomorrow to go back east and it’s going to be a hard time not just for me but for Hailey. Having her around all the time has been wonderful for everyone. 

It makes me think about the relationship kids and teenagers go through with their parents, especially ones that are strict like mine, and how hard a relationship with your parents is during those years. 

My relationship became good when I went to college and moved out. I was never very good at following rules so it was better that I didn’t live there. 

As I look back, I see how my students act in my school and I can see my old point of view on why I was defiant. Then I think of my relationship and how it would be with my daughter and I was wonder, will she give me as hard of a time as I gave my parents?

I hope to be like my parents. I now realize they did a good job at what they were trying to do whereas when I was growing up I thought they were doing a horrible job.  

What did I know when I was a teenager ?! 


6 thoughts on “Relationship with your Parents

  1. I also often got irritated with my mom especially, and I wasn’t even really rebellious, I was the good girl. But I often felt it was especially unfair that my brother seemed to have a different set of rules to me. But the moment I contemplate having a child and everything that goes on in this world I also start to understand and I believe I would be much the same with my own daughter should I have one one day


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