The Right Choice?

The worst part about making decisions is the final outcome – whether you picked the right one. 

It’s so hard to be confident in what you are picking, especially if it’s a major life choice: buying a house, picking the right job, big investments, moving. 

So many questions continuously go through your mind: am I picking the best choice ? Will I like it? Should I have chosen the other one? Should I have walked away ? And finally, will I be happy? 

I find now more than ever I am making major life decisions way more often than not and sometimes it can be seriously overwhelming. I am the type of person that looks to others, and by others I mean multiple people, for the answer. I overall know what I want, but I am looking for the confirmation. 

Doesn’t everyone just want someone else to confirm what they already know they want? Because if multiple people confirm it, then it has to be the right choice, right ?!

This is some weird logic that I go by and it never fails, when I have a life decision where I have to choose between two or more things, I need many people to tell me which and then I make my decision. 

I’m not saying my way is the right way because I always get upset and freak out and panic during this whole process. 

Realizing that over the years I have become less of a risk taker because I have more to lose is a good and a bad thing. Life has never been so hard. 

I guess that is what growing up and being a real adult is all about. 

How do you make important life decisions ? 


3 thoughts on “The Right Choice?

  1. If you figure out the right way, let me know! I am constantly paralysed by fear of choosing wrong and the consequences that may follow! Sometimes I genuinely don’t know what I want, that’s pretty bad too! I don’t have as much of a problem when I know what I want, but major decisions with heavy consequences? It’s terrible :p I am trying to work on just doing it you know :p


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