How to Deal with Terrible Neighbors

The past month we have been dealing with horrible neighbors. I have had my fair share of them in my life moving like 14 times in 16 years, but this has been by far the worst ever. 

Maybe living with a child is totally different mind set than just a single lifestyle. But it’s crazy what you will tolerate when it doesn’t depend on a child. 

Instead of flipping out like I would normally do, I decided it was best not to confront them. Which let me tell you was super hard. 

Here are some steps I believe you should take when dealing with terrible neighbors in an apartment complex 

  1. Do not confront them directly. This can cause problems that are not necessary. 
  2. Go to the management company and report. 
  3. Document with pictures the violations. 
  4. Leave messages after 10pm on the management companies voicemail to show the time and day you are calling with noise complaints. 
  5. Go to social media and report what is happening if nothing was done. But no cursing. 

If all this does not work, still do not confront them, continue to bother the management company and then it’s time to go. 

Good luck. 


5 thoughts on “How to Deal with Terrible Neighbors

  1. I am sorry for your troubles. Rude and non-compliant neighbors are a menace. I had a pair of college students living above me two years ago. Wasn’t fun. They were finally removed – to another apartment on the property. But, not after a lot of action on my part. I finally did have to contact the corporate office, which is when the situation began to gain greater and faster traction.


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