Working Out on Vacation 

Most people on vacation want to just eat, drink and relax, but I have found that when I sit around and do nothing of physical activity while on vacation, it is so much harder for me to get back into the workout mode when I get back home. And especially if I have been eating and drinking, I need some serious workout motivation while here. 

It’s really nice when you stay at a hotel and you are able to workout in their gym if they have one but there are other ways to get your workout on. 

Before I got down the shore, I researched bootcamp locations and yoga places and their prices. I also looked up any gyms in the area and other fitness places to see if they had any first class free, etc. 

We were lucky enough to find a bootcamp that had good hours and a one week free trial

What a great deal. We went four times this week and it was totally free and we were able to get in some awesome workouts, myself and two others. 

I also had found yoga on the beach from searching google and I really based what I picked on these few things 

  1. They responded to my email about if I could come and if they had a free first class
  2. It was in close proximity to where I was staying. 
  3. The first class was free
  4. The times were do-able (could not just be early morning)
  5. I liked something they offered.

I took all of those things into consideration when trying to find a place. Personally I am more of a class person and I like to do that instead of going to the gym because I usually work harder when someone is there telling me what to do. 

Have you ever looked for a place to workout on vacation ? And if you did, what did you look for ? 


4 thoughts on “Working Out on Vacation 

  1. Currently, I am visiting my parents, and, have gotten slightly off-track with my workout routine. I have not worked out for the past two days. But, I really need to get back into the groove tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!


  2. Yes! While visiting my mom I got a free week pass at a local gym. I had the option to bring her and my 3 yr old along and drop in classes as well! It was a nice to have a opportunity to work out with my mom since we don’t see each other but a couple times a year. I also did some light runs as well.


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