When Did I Become So Old?

For years we have been coming on vacation to the Jersey Shore and going out to the bars. 

After having a baby, life at the bars has changed for me. I don’t enjoy going out and getting totally wasted and feeling like garbage the next day. 

It is not my scene anymore. 

However, even though I don’t prefer it, does that mean I am too old to go out there and enjoy it ?! 

It sure feels like it. 

Especially being married and having a kid, it’s like the most undesired location. However there are other people married with kids that go out and get super drunk, that’s just not me. 

So when I go to a fist pumping club (the one and only!) I feel super old because 1. I am not drunk 2. I am not sweaty dancing 3. I’m not trying to meet people 4. I’m there with drunk people. 

At this point, one might wonder why. Well, when one has to babysit said company because of alcohol, that is why. 

My point is, when did I get too old for that type of bar to not be fun? I like to drink a little, dance sometimes, hangout and have a good time. However, none of those things were happening there. You couldn’t even talk to anyone. How do people even have conversations there? I guess it is not a conversational place. 

Am I sad about this? Do I want to be a fist pumping, drunk, dancing, partier? 

I don’t know !!! Not really ? At all?! 

I would much rather go out to dinner, have some drinks, and go workout!!! 

I guess that makes me old. 

Is anyone else joining me in my oldness ?


8 thoughts on “When Did I Become So Old?

  1. Well, I am much older than you are, and haven’t been out clubbing with friends since my twenties. Like you, would rather enjoy good food and good conversation with family and friends.


  2. This is so funny! My husband and I just now started our date nights and we love the bar and club scene. To be honest, we actually felt the way you are feeling now BEFORE we had Xander…we didn’t go out, were highly annoyed by the downtown scene, and just stayed in the house like hermits. “going out” was grilling out at my brother’s house! lol. Now, we can’t WAIT till date night, already have new bars and places we are going to hit up, that’s so funny!


  3. Totally feel the same, and though I am married, I don’t have kids yet. I kept thinking I would like to try again, but even being around drunk people at other people’s houses felt different. So perhaps if I went with my more mature friends, it would be nice, but I don’t know, since I haven’t even tried. I’m only 26 :p


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