Bellabeat Leaf


Have you ever heard of this before? It is the fancy version of the FitBit and the data goes t an app on your phone. You can wear it on your clothes, as a necklace or a bracelet.

This is what it looks like on you:


I am not totally sold on the necklace because I would not wear it all the time on my neck and I am not sold on the attaching to my clothes either because I think I would forget to put it on and it might look weird if i wear it everyday under my clothes or on top of all my clothes and potential I will forget again as well. But the bracelet seems to be the most doable, minus the price.

So the Leaf alone is $119 and then the bracelet strap to put it on is $24. Which in turn I guess could be a good price, but then again I am not sure how heavy it would feel and if I would wear it all the time or what.

I do not know anyone that owns this so I can’t ask, but the idea of it seems really cool and the bracelet looks super cute and I do like the idea of the app tracking everything. However, it does not specify what exactly it tracks:



If you want to check out Bellabeat Leaf, just click on that link.





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