New York City 

I have loved this city for as long as I can remember. 

Some of the things that remind me of today are 

  1. the smell of hot cigarettes
  2. how crazy it is that people are wearing full blown suits in this sweltering heat
  3. You can find a duplicate store a few blocks away instead of having to travel all the way uptown. 
  4. The Mta north train passes so much garbage along side of the tracks. 
  5. People dress nice here. 
  6. I spend a lot of money in the city 
  7. I could have been a NYC tour guide 
  8. I hate humidity
  9. The city is not a kid friendly place 
  10. I walk. A LOT. 
  11. I still love this city, but I don’t miss it as much as I did the last time I was here. 

Do you have a place in your heart that you just love? That’s NYC for me. 


2 thoughts on “New York City 

  1. nice! is this where you traveled to? I’ve never been to NY even though we live right over here in NH. What’s your favorite thing about NY? I used to really want to see the 9/11 museum but now I do not think I would want to.


    • Yeah we just came back to visit this is where I am from. I love everything about the City. I cannot pinpoint one place so maybe great places and even in different seasons so many great places.
      The tribute area is amazing u should totally go. I don’t want to see the museum. It’s too sad. I can’t handle it. But the waterfall area is a beautiful place.

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