The Benefits of Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut Oil has been a life savor to me in many different ways and at many different times.

I have yet to cook with it, but I have used it on my body and seen some great results that I wanted to share with you.

  1. Stretch Marks: Instead of using cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks when I was pregnant, I used coconut oil. I do not have a single stretch mark.I know it smells like coconut, but I mean, that is not the worst smell!
  2. Dry, Cracked Feet: I wear sandals like every single day in the spring and summer and fall.. so pedicures don’t just cut it with my cracking feet. I started putting coconut oil on my feet and then wrapping them with saran wrap at night and it really is amazing how smooth they come out. Some people recommended soaking them in vinegar every night, but I don’t know about you, but vinegar stinks REALLY bad. So for me to wrap them in saran wrap, and come out with soft feet and the cracks healing, it was a win for me.
  3. Dry, Itchy Skin: In the winter I get really dry skin and it gets itchy and sometimes even the lotion that I use everyday isn’t enough. I noticed when I left coconut oil on at night and used my lotion during the day, I was not ashy and itchy every day.
  4. Bruises/Cuts: If I had a bruise on my leg or a cut I wanted to heal faster, I put coconut oil on it and it seemed to me that they went away faster and without leaving any scars.
  5. Face: I have put it on my face before but NOT everyday. I use it once in a while, because my face is oily to begin with, and it seems to give a healthy shine not just oily look.
  6. Hands: If you have not noticed a common pattern, it is really good for dry skin!


These are just personal benefits I have seen, however there are studies that link even better health benefits of at this site here.

And even more in this video:

If I have convinced you to buy coconut oil, you can buy it at Walmart here for $10. And it lasts a long time, I have had mine for almost 4 years.



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