Handling Making Big Decisions

This picture describes how I feel right now!

In the past three years ago, I’ve had to make some seriously big decisions and changes.

The worst about big life changes is that you have no idea how it will turn out and what the outcome will be. 

  1. Having a baby
  2. Leaving the charter school to go to public-  deciding if I should take a huge pay cut in order to be home more
  3. Moving across the country 
  4. Finding a new school in an area I didn’t know and making the right choice on which school and which grade 
  5. Buying a home

In almost 4 years, that is just super stressful. When I find myself making these types of decisions, I am not good under this pressure. I freak out, I cry , I get nervous , I weigh the pros and cons 100 times and I ask everyone for their advice. 

Every single one of those choices I made, I actually had to make and I can tell you now that they’ve all turned out great. Except #5, I am still in the process of freaking out and not knowing as of yet. 

I guess you could say in big life decisions, I am not a go with the flow person and I freak out too much! But in the end, all of them have turned out to be the best choices I have made. 

How do you process big changes and big decisions ? Are you a crazy person during those times like I am or do you handle them better ? 


6 thoughts on “Handling Making Big Decisions

  1. I purchased a home last year. It was a short sale, and it was MISERY trying to get it. It was though, kind of the home of my dreams. I did a lot of the same, except it took a whopping 8 months to close. So my CRAZY was spread out.

    The latest big decision was whether or not to leave my school and school district for a brand new shiny school in a better school district. It sounds easy, but I was SCARED. I am still scared as school hasn’t started yet. I asked so many questions to so many people. I made list after list, and although I do feel I am doing the right thing by moving on, I still freaked out when submitting my resignation.

    We will make it. We are teachers. It is what we do.


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