Making an Offer

This is probably one of the biggest things that has happened to me in my life. I thought having a baby was nerve racking but signing the papers to make an offer on a house is even more nerve racking. 

All I have heard all day is how much money we are going to lose, the risks we are taking, what if we can’t sell, what if the house doesn’t appreciate in the short time we will be here, what if you have to fix something and money, money, money. 

I am nervous and freaking out. Is this a normal reaction that people have when they go to buy a house ? 

I believe it will be okay but there is just no way to know. I know that is just like everything else in life. It’s a big risk to take and lots of things could go wrong and I am just praying to god nothing does. 

With there being so many things we don’t know, here is what we do know:

  1. The market here is going up 
  2. The house has been kept up and surface has nothing wrong. 100% clean. 
  3. There is no immediate need to fix anything
  4. We may need to buy appliances – fridge, washer, dryer – unless seller leaves them
  5. In our offer , seller pays closing costs so are not looking at an initial high cost. 
  6. At some point the white carpet needs to go ( it’s super clean but not with a 2 yr old and dog)
  7. It’s in a really nice neighborhood that’s up and coming 
  8. It’s a good location 
  9. It’s move in ready 

That’s what we know prior to inspectors and the appraisal. So here we go. 

If you have some home buying experience please leave me comments with your story!!! 


9 thoughts on “Making an Offer

  1. i’m not a homeowner, but…if you plan to make the area your home for the long-term, it’s a good investment. And, new appliances don’t cost much, in the larger scheme of things.


  2. We have purchased 4 homes in 4 different states (one after the other – I don’t own 4 homes, lol.) Three of those homes we lived in 3 years or less (we were in the military). One home we lost money, two homes we made money, and the home we are currently in we’ve had for 10 years.

    Owning a home is a WISE investment, even if you know you are going to move in a few years. While the economy is a bit screwy these days, the key to being a successful homeowner is pretty basic: don’t live above your means.

    I have friends who live check-by-check because they bought a home too big for their budget. I have other friends who’ve amassed thousands upon thousands of dollars of credit card debt because they bought all new furniture/appliances/upgrades, none of which were truly needed.

    If you love the house and you can picture raising your family in that home, neighborhood, town, then go for it! Schools are a HUGE decision factor for me, so find out which schools your home is zoned for and visit the school. Ask the principal for a tour. (I work in a school district – this is totally acceptable!) Trust your gut instinct and know that this is an investment in your future, even if it seems overwhelming and scary.

    If possible, try to pay a little bit MORE than your mortgage each month. This money will go directly to your principle and will make a huge difference years from now in relation to actually owning your home quicker than your loan (and paying less interest overall).

    There is a risk of losing money no matter WHERE you live. Being a homeowner allows you the opportunity to invest your money instead of throwing it out to door to someone else for rent.

    Just my thoughts, of course, coming from a Momma of three who was rock-bottom poor when she got married 22 years ago! Good luck!


      • We sold each of them. We didn’t want to deal with the hassles of renting out of state and being responsible for repairs. Always happy to help – it’s a little nerve-wracking signing those papers for sure!


    • I really appreciate ur answer and ur response ! I’ve been freaking out Bc no one I know understands the military and having to move and why we would want to buy a house etc so it’s good to hear from someone who understands!!!


      • We are very thankful our first home was purchased while in the military. They offered some great deals (I think our first home was $1 down, lol.) Just remember to buy a home a little less than what you can afford – you never know when life will throw you a curve ball. On our second home, my husband actually moved to another state without me while I stayed back to sell the house (with a 4 year old and being 7 months pregnant!) I completely understand the stress, but I’m also here to say that great things happen when you step out in faith! 🙂


      • Yess we were worried about that too!!!! But also I figure we will probably have to move at different times anyway Bc I can’t leave in the middle of the school year. Bc u lost money on the first house what did that mean for ur Loan for the next place ?


      • So we actually made money on the first, but going from house 2 to house 3 we lost money in the sale. Because we were living below our means, it was ok. We simply lowered our expectations on buying house 3 and it didn’t impact us much at all.


      • That’s good to know. I think we are right where we should be with pricing it’s just about the same money we were spending on renting. We hve the inspector coming today so unless they tell me some crazy things wrong I think we’ll be ok. It’s soooo helpful to hear from you !! Thank you !!! I literally had no one else who could relate !

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