Buying a House 

Last year we tried to buy a house with the VA Loan but my husband, since he is the vet, his credit sucked and we missed the cut off. So we ended up renting. 

Moving from New York to Washington state we didn’t think we would ever buy a house because the New York market is crazy expensive especially where we were living or would have wanted to buy a house. 

But we move here and the market is doing really well and they are building houses like crazy so it just seems like it could be good. 

Here’s the thing though, we know nothing about buying and selling houses or fixing them and redoing them etc. I watch HGTV all of the time but somehow I guess that is not mean I can be a legit fixer upper. 

Some of things I have been searching for though because we will either be selling it or renting it out relatively soon:

  1. Carpets and paint are the most that need fixing 
  4. The kitchen needs to be relatively new if not totally new 
  5. There needs to be at least 2 full baths and they need to be nicely done 
  6. The backyard needs to be completely fenced in already
  7. A sprinkler system that works 
  8. A curb appeal 
  9. Nicely done yard 
  10. Good location – up and coming area
  11. Trees – even just a few
  12. No major noticeable problems
  13. When inspector checks it out, zero problems

I am nervous we will lose money and nervous about making such an investment but I think we are in the right market as long as we buy a house that has some minor things we can change to bring up the value. 

Any advice from first time home owners? 


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