Yoga Challenge Day 2



If you would like to join the 15 day yoga challenge, post your picture below and on instagram. Use the tag #ahamyoga

This picture came from when we were bike riding on the Centennial trail  for 8 miles. So awesome! I can’t believe we never thought to use bikes as exercise. Granted we didn’t own all three bike until 4th of July, but why did we not think of this sooner? So many missed biking opportunities.


I hate riding a bike with a helmet and sneakers though. Therefore, I hate riding my bike on the road or up hills or mountain biking. I am a straight road, no one around kind of bike rider – which is not easy to find! However, this trail is good for all of those things since it is not very hilly and it is in the woods but paved.

Joining the yoga challenge?

Bike riding at all this weekend?

Comment below!





4 thoughts on “Yoga Challenge Day 2

  1. The Yoga Challenge and the bike riding sound like fun! Not to mention wonderful exercise. Haven’t ridden a bike consistently in years. Although I did ride a bike with my students during an overnight retreat two years ago. Funny – riding a bike is, in fact, something you don’t forget how to do, no matter how long it’s been.


  2. I LOVE yoga!!!!! I discovered it for myself in January of 2006 and it changed my life. I was in the studio faithfully every week for years, but I haven’t had a consistent practice since probably 2013. It is hard right now with my back problems that developed after having my 2nd baby. I know that one day, it will be there waiting for me.


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