Neighbors: the good, the bad, the ugly

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When we moved, my husband’s credit score was not good enough for us to get the VA loan from him being in the military, so we had to rent an apartment again. We moved into an apartment complex because there weren’t houses to rent that were in the close range of affordable.

We have been here now for a year in the bottom floor apartment. I love our apartment. It is super cute and they remodeled it and I decorated it nicely. Our patio I made really nice. However, we are on our 4th neighbors above our apartment now and these ones that just moved in are the ABSOLUTE worst.

They are either college kids or dead beat losers with no jobs. They play music that pounds on the grounds and the walls ALL. DAY. LONG. Literally, from 7am to either 10 or 11pm. They talk really loudly, they stomp around, they have lots of people in their apartment all the time, all the stuff they’re smoking and drinking spills through to my nice clean patio. Lastly, they sell weed so there are always people coming and going all of the time (i heard them say it on the patio – very non discrete)

These are the worst we have had yet and I have had it. I cannot live one whole year with these kids and their pounding music, all day long. Granted come September I won’t be here all day long, but I don’t want t hear it from 5-10pm when I get home. Or all day long all weekend long. I just can’t handle it; I might lose my mind.

This must be some sort of karma from my college self and most likely how ignorant and stuck in my own life that I was because I was probably most likely very similar.

And now here we are… trying to determine what to do. Stay, or leave. Do we buy a house? That is a whole other blog post..

Anyone else have horrible neighbors?


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6 thoughts on “Neighbors: the good, the bad, the ugly

  1. Ugh…I can so relate to your pain, and endured a similar situation two years ago for about six months. I kept a log of things that were considered in violation of one’s lease. I also contacted the corporate headquarters, since the onsite management seemed ill-equipped to handle the situation. The occupant was finally moved out to another apartment. Have you contacted your management?


  2. Sorry to hear that! It really sucks! We have had our fair share. I am a light sleeper and the guy across the road from our complex makes a noise from time to time. But luckily it’s not too bad here where we are renting, this complex is made up mostly of people who own their flats, so there are strict rules on noise and that kind of thing. But our first apartment together had noisy party people at night, and weed smokers (thankfully not dealers), and the cigarette smoke was disgusting. All that when I often had shifts that started just before 6am at the gym ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope you guys come right and work it out, or those kids stop being rude. You’ll have your dream house and dream neighbours eventually ๐Ÿ™‚


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