Reading Endorsement


After speaking with one of my professor’s at the NWP, she told me to get in contact with a person at her university and she would help me go through my transcript and get together what I needed in order to potentially get my Reading Endorsement in Washington State.

If I wasn’t close, I don’t think I would go through with it because it is a lot of work and more money I need to pay in order to take a test that I may or may not pass.

I have all of the credentials but I need a few things that they can work around. I believe that this is a great opportunity because there are specific pathways that you need to take in order to get a reading endorsement, which specifically deal with colleges/universities in Washington and I did not go to undergrad or graduate school in this state so I really don’t have any connections to make that work.

But because my professor was willing to have someone help me, I am like right there, and I cannot pass up the opportunity.

Things I need:

  1. A  course description of a class that has changed since I was in grad school
  2. A letter from my principal about teaching writing
  3. The NES 104 test
  4. Transcripts sent to the university


As you see, it seems so easy and how could I not take this opportunity that is being handed to me right now.

I am going to take the test next week. I have been lucky enough to be sitting into a reading methods fundamental graduate class for free these past two weeks because of this professor.

Can you not say this was a gift? And I would be silly not to take it as it was handed to me on a platter?


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