Erin Condren Teacher Planner


My whole life I have been searching for the literal perfect planner and I think I might have finally found one. Although the price is up there, but I get it for the product that you are receiving plus some.

One part of the Erin Condren teacher planner that I like is the durability. I also like all of the colors and the bulk that comes with the planner. Another aspect that is great is the pocket protectors.

There are a few things I am not sold on quite yet though, but I guess I can compromise:

  1. You have to add all the numbers in (minor)
  2. On planning days, you can only see Monday-Friday
  3. Will I use all components of the planner to justify the cost


This is what is included with the planner:

Each Teacher Lesson Planner includes:
-Zip lock pouch, great for storing stickers and photos! Now comes uncoiled with a 6 inch coil clip, so you can place it wherever you’d like, or use separately
-Inspirational quotes throughout
-Laminated Interchangeable Cover
-1 Sheet protector for keeping permission slips and class rosters safe
-7 Double-page checklist spreads (can add up to 21 extras!)
-Durable, laminated tabs
-Double-sided Keep it Together folder for wrangling receipts and loose papers
-1 set of free colorful date dots


As I am writing the post I swear the credit card is just jumping out of my wallet and ready for me to order.

Even just the presentation of the planner is so hard to pass up. The planner from Walgreens is just not the same anymore.


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