Love Your Body


Having come across some new fit mom websites, I just discovered the Fit Mom’s Diet website. You can purchase this t-shirt from there site for $15. Click here.

The fun thing about this website is that I can relate to it a lot, because I am a fit mom. I am one of those people that will buy cute things, like the shirt above, or from a gym or a fitness place because I can wear them to the gym or to workout. This website really knows how to attract moms who like to workout and look cute!

The owners post weekly workouts, meal plans, diets, recipes and so much more. It is $199 to become a member for the year. They have a book and videos that have all different ways to get in shape at home

I really must give kudos to the people who can work out at home. Unless I am with people in a class, I don’t think I will push myself to the limit that I need in order to accomplish anything. I have done a few workouts at home and I don’t feel like I get it done!

Join their newsletter – they will send you weekly recipes, workouts and more!

If you are like me and want to connect with other fit mom’s, this is a good place to start.





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