Instagram, Pinterest, TpT – a teacher’s BFF

This is my fourth year teaching and I can tell you what I DID NOT LEARN IN COLLEGE.  Anything relevant to actual teaching. 

My goal will to start providing teachers will relevant information that you can use in your classroom and just some pieces of information that I have learned along the way. 

Embrace Instagram and Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teacher

I have followed so many teachers on Instagram and came up with so many great ideas I can’t even tell you !

I just recently found these: 

These are $36 at Big Lots and they are AWESOME. I just recently added tables into my room and this would be great way to organize at the end of each table. 

Instagram has given me many ideas of how to decorate my classroom and certain ways I want to change my lessons. 

Pinterest has given me lesson plans, all lesson ideas, different ways to decorate, reading and writing integration and so much more. 

I can go on and on. 

Teachers pay teachers literally backs up everything awesome I find out on Instagram and Pinterest and I can purchase it or download it free at a small cost. 

I can literally spend hours on these sights trying to find what other teachers do and make it something I will do too. 

If you are a new teacher these sights can be overwhelming but they are SO worth it. 

Which site do you use the most for your classroom? 


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