Writer’s Notebook

Creating a Writer’s Notebook is a difficult task. What is even more difficult is getting kids to create them and then actually want to use them. I have been putting together a powerpoint that has different pieces that I want the kids to include in their journals the first couple days of school. Then I will be creating like 30 different options of writing prompts for each month. My goal is to have the kids write for 5-10 minutes daily about a writing prompt that I give them or free writing.

These prompts will not be graded. We have lost all joy in writing in school and I want to get it back. I think the kids really need something like this. I feel that this is my year to really bring back writing and really focus on using writing with every single subject that we practice. I know that sounds really difficult, and I know it will be, but I am willing to try.

I hope I am not just saying this because it is July… and not September! But I WILL make this work.

Anyway, here is an example of how I decorated my writer’s notebook. The kids will have options. I will provide them with magazines to decorate their writer’s notebooks or they can bring in pictures and stickers and we will decorate it with that, or both. But in the first coupe of days, they will be personalizing them to make it their own and get excited about it!

I found a youtube video that shows you how to cover it with laminate, but I must warn you the video is painfully slow, you watch the person literally cut out EVERY single picture they had printed, but either way, skip to 5:00 and it will show to put the laminate on. Looks pretty nice, I am sure it is not that easy.





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