Relaxing vs. BBQ Hosting

I didn’t think that I would have enjoyed a cabin In the woods ever in my life but it’s been nice. Even nicer that we could take the bikes into the town and then ride them down to the beach. It was a nice time at the lake. 

But now we have company from my husbands office and I have been running around like a crazy person and then taking care of the baby. The point of relaxation is now gone. 

The morning was like this…..

And now it’s not. I just wonder at what point is it fun anymore to have people over and just clean up after everyone and follow around your kids so they don’t go up and down the stairs and get hurt, is it fun to have people over? 

Ever since I got married I would say it is not fun anymore to have people over anymore because all I do is clean and clean and clean and literally no one helps me. 

After my daughters birthday party we had people at our apartment club house and only ONE person stayed to help me. It’s just not fun! It’s not like college parties where you can just leave it to the next day or when you had no kids. 

Am I alone in this feeling? 


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