Classroom Decor

I know it is just barely July, but I’ve been in professional development for a week  and then the NWP now until end of next week and I am like dying to get into my classroom now and decorate. 

This past year I had a very large room that was the modular and could be divided into two and while most people would think the space was amazing, I can tell you it was not. Although I used most of the space, it was not all mine – meaning, if we needed extra space in the school for something; picture day, subs, testing, storage, “storage”, and other random stuff, there it was. Oh yeah and indoor recess with the whole 6th grade if it was bad weather. 

Therefore, my room always got messy and me being a clean freak, it was very frustrating. I had my desks in groups of 5-6 and by the end of the year I was so sick of grouped tables I did groups of two kids by desk and that was it. 

This year, I am not in the modular!!!! I am actually in the building and that is amazing. You never realize how much it sucks to be outside the building until you have to walk through the snow to go to the bathroom.  

Also this year I will have tables and not desks. 3rd grade seems like they can handle that. 6th grade totally could not. Now I have been struggling with what to use organize the top of the desks with their supplies. 

The picture above I had a local artist make for me so I can use one for each table as a decoration. Then added with their table bins that will have their general supplies; pencils, pens, highlighters, scissors, glue, crayons. Maybe I will even put some flowers in each yellow mason jar. I don’t know yet. 

As for storage, I am going to get a 3 draws plastic container per each table for their notebooks, books, folders, textbooks Etc. 

I am a Pinterest person and LOVED the following and somehow will create this in my room:

Do you see those leaves in the reading corner ? Those are 28$ on Amazon. Guess who is totally purchasing that this summer? 

One thing I am nervous about is trying o make those crate seats. I warn you I am not creative so hopefully they turn out ok… I am banking on a YouTube how to video!!! 

What does your classroom look like ? 


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