Arabica Coffee Scrub

100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub 12 oz. with Organic Coffee, Coconut and Shea Butter - Best Acne, Anti Cellulite and Stretch Mark treatment, Spider Vein Therapy for Varicose Veins & Eczema

I just recently purchased this from Amazon for $14. I have been working out a lot but for some reason I was having an issue with cellulite. I hadn’t been using exfoliate recently and it was noticeable, which is totally not okay since this is bathing suit season!!!

Searching of a cellulite reducer, this product came up and I read a ton of the reviews and most of them said they received the product for free in return for an honest review. Here I am buying this product AND writing an honest review about it, NOT FOR FREE!

Some of the pro’s of this product:

  • Cellulite remover: helps you achieve smoother, firmer skin and because it has caffeine in it, it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Anti-oxidants: gets rid of wrinkles, aging spots, sun damage, minimize appearance of puffy eyes
  • 100% natural exfoliating scrub: helps make your skin look new and refreshed
  • Helps prevent spider veins
  • AND if you are not completely satisfied with the product, they will refund the entire purchase!


I mean seriously, what do I have to lose here? I will be spreading coffee grinds all over my body as of tomorrow morning! Anything that has the words “coffee, cellulite remover, and gets rid of tons of evil stuff”, I will buy it!

Now if I could just figure out how these reviewers got this product for free… I would be one happy caffeinated girl!

Check out the product at Amazon: Arabica Coffee Scrub


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