Flowers Make the Home Happy

I always, always have flowers in my house. I also have them outside my house, only in the 3 seasons since we have winter. 

When I lived in New York, it was rare for me to have flowers inside. I still did the outside thing but I wasn’t as invested in them as I am now. 

Recently I read an article that stated “Having flowers in your home increased happiness, reduces depression and anxiety and actually can increase emotional contact with friends and family”. That is definitely true and one great thing is the brighter the color the happier the environment is. 

They also said in the same article ” flowers and plants in the workplace improve problem solving skills and increase creativity.” 

It wasn’t as easy keeping flowers in the classroom but my goal is to have them at home all of the time.  

It makes my apartment a more welcoming and to me, pretty. 

If only I lived in Seattle and could visit the Pike Place Market everyday for these 

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