Summer Reading

I never have time to read during the year. There are always like 900 other things I should be doing or need to be doing for school instead of reading for fun. 

I started listening to books in the car and when I would put my daughter to sleep and the books I picked out were pretty good. I’ve listened to about 6 books this year which is a great number for me. The one thing I did not like about was some of the choice in narrators! Some of their voices were sooooooooo boring it made the book bad. 

I have vowed to actually read 10 books this summer (really trying hard here) and the best place to find books is the library. I hate to buy books now and have them just sit in a box since I don’t have a book shelf in my apartment for adult books (only room for kids) and the way I’m spending no money especially if I don’t like the books. Win win for everyone. 

Any recommendations ? I have Georgia Bockoven and Judy Blume down so far!


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