Straight Outta School

This was my first year teaching in Washington and I have some really awesome coworkers. We made these shirts using cricket laminate cutter, and then bought the T-shirts and ironed them on. A long process but worth it ! 

I taught 6th grade ELA this year and next year is 3rd grade. After this year I was ready for summer break. As much as I loved my 6th graders, their sass, attitude and hormones were way too much and I am over it ! 

As well as teaching 3rd I am moving into the building! This is exciting stuff especially for the fact that I was in the modular by myself and it was super lonely! Being that I moved here across the country and have no friends, it was even harder to make friends with two male 6th grade teachers and being stuck outside. 

So here we are, end of year, straight outta everything! I was literally trading kids their shoes to use my like 6 pencils I had left in my classroom as a bargaining tool. 

Straight outta pencils was beyond accurate! 


2 thoughts on “Straight Outta School

    • Lollll may and June my whole school had no pencils so I started to require my kids to give me a shoe if they wanted to borrow a pencil. Lol or a backpack or cell phone but something that I could guarantee they would not leave without !


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