This is me: My name is Jennifer and I am a working mom blogger and military wife. I am a 3rd grade teacher. I love to read, write, drink coffee, do both of those while drinking coffee and I love yoga, fitness, biking, and laying on the beach.

History: My daughter is 3 years old, I’ve been married for 4 years, recently moved from New York City to Washington state as per the army, and I teach 3rd grade. Going on my fifth year teaching and waiting to hear if I passed National Boards!

Hobbies: I love fitness. I do yoga, bootcamp, barre, and Trx and any other fitness class that I can fit into my schedule. I run 5ks and walk marathons. I only recently got into loving fitness though, prior to having a baby, I was not all about fitness. Biking is the new fitness fun we have been adding into our days. Kayaks and paddle boarding are awesome as well!

Why do I blog?:  I started this blog initially to begin my need to write again. I was preaching writing everyday in my classroom when in reality, I wasn’t writing! I vowed to write as often as I could. Recently I began looking for up and coming companies that I thought would be amazing for other moms like me to know about. You never can learn enough as a mom and since I love learning, I cannot tell you how many small absolutely amazing companies out there that are there for moms, working moms, fitness moms, new moms, 2nd moms, fashion for kids… and the list keeps going.

I love finding these companies and then sharing them with others because unless you search it out, you would never know! 

Collaboration: If you are one of these companies, new or old, please contact me. I would love to write about you and share your information with others. Check out my products link here for reviews I have written. Email me at the email button on the side bar.

Other sites: Please check out my Instagram and Facebook as well!

Thank you for checking out my blog 🙂


10 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Well, the only fitness I do is to keep the pain from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis at bay, I am not a mommy (but I am an honourary grandma to several awesome kids whose Moms I have mentored), I don’t get to travel much and coffee/caffeine gives me migraines. However, I love nature, reading teaching and I am about a half hour from the BC/Washington border LOL! I think you could be a great influence as I start on my fitness and healthy eating journey. Just seeing your fitness pictures motivates me to at least try! Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to following you as well.

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      • My one problem with yoga is that I have problems getting down to and up from the floor. Also I have problems being on my right knee as I had a replacement 8 years ago. I took yoga a long time ago, before my injuries and loved it. Barre might be good. Thank you!


  2. We have always shared a love of coffee and writing!! Now we have so much more in common being moms. I’m glad I found this lil’ corner of yours to follow again 🙂

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